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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dealing With A Looser...

I didn't come to work the other night. I was not feeling well and the thought of having to deal with my supervisor made me all the more sick and tired. I'm not having fun at work at all. Besides, I won't have the career growth that I've been trying to reach since I have a very incompetent supervisor. I don't trust the inconsistent scorecards that she's showing us. I have been working my a$ so hard and then I don't get the right scores? What's up with that? My colleagues and I don't deserve that!

These past 3 months, I almost had it! I was supposed to be promoted, but then because of one unintentional absence which was not explained to me, I wasn't able to make it. She didn't talk to me about it and she would just say, "moving forward...", that's one of her famous lines actually.

There was this instance that I became hysterical of the scorecard that she showed me because I knew for a fact that it wasn't right. I was really working so hard just to be promoted. And she has been showing a lot of inconsistencies for the past months already, I broke down and cried. My team mates witnessed it. When she said that "moving forward" line and that I will have to do good next month, I shouted at her! I wasn't able to control myself. I didn't care if everyone was looking at me. I said. "Anong moving forward? Mali 'tong scorecard na 'to! (What? Moving forward?? This scorecard is wrong!)". I think I scared her. She turned her back at me and went back to her station. She doesn't know how to explain and doesn't even do something about the issues. There were lots of instances that she showed her incompetence not only to me but also to my team mates.

She doesn't know how to decide for the team. If there's something that we ask her about, she would say, "I'll ask my boss". What the heck??? Aren't you a boss yet??? Even simple questions, she has to ask her boss!

She doesn't trust us. She obviously wanted to get rid of the people she hated in the team. Just last month, while I was on vacation, she reported incidents done by my colleagues which are subject for dismissal. She didn't review the reports. They were just plain suspicions without enough proof. My colleagues were suspended for weeks but were requested back in the production by the Human Resources officers since the allegations were false. My colleagues didn't do anything wrong at all. Good thing their suspension was paid since they were proven not guilty.

Days have gone by, our supervisor still haven't said something about what happened. I think she doesn't have the courage to apologize to us. She even told one of our colleagues that she's waiting for us to say sorry to her. The nerve! Sorry my A$$!!!

She's scared of confrontations. She thought that stabbing at her team's back by making false allegations will make her WIN. In the end, she just buried herself into a very embarrassing situation. She's one BIG LOOSER.

Two of our team mates already resigned. Most of us are planning to follow them, actually. There's no future for us in the company. Especially now that we're supervised by a person who doesn't have the capability of a LEADER. She doesn't have the skills at all. I wonder how she got promoted.

I don't really want to hate someone like this. I am a good person but I'm just a human being. She's done enough damage already. I tried to like her. I really did try, but she continuously give me reasons to dislike her. It seems like she doesn't care if people don't like her at all. She's hopeless! I hope the HR officers are not going to ignore this issue or else they will loose good employees like me.


bingkee said...

I hear ya....there are people like that ...they just want to be a bitch ....they don't care about if they are liked or not, they just want to cause trouble and pain to others because it makes them feel good.

As long as you have that boss and the tension between you and her, you'd have less chances of being promoted coz she would try to put a barrier on that path. So, if I were you, right now, try to hunt for a job that really allows you for career promotion and then research about that company before going in.
I also have the same experience ....I was still in Davao. He would ask me to write my articles over and over again and then he'd pore over them looking for mistakes and then if he couldn't find any, he'd say, "change the angle of your story." And if that is not enough, he'd sit down beside me while I'm doing my work. At one point, I had enough so I told him, "Look, I'd been writing articles for the most part of my life and I was trained to do this and you're get the hell out of my way, and let me finish my work coz you don't know anything...." But he did not listen, instead he said he'd report me to the higher boss and get me fired....Well, I got of that company before I was fired.....anyway, it's crappy to work there because of the low pay , plus that moronic boss.

I am a Christian but there are times our patience wears out. At that time, I wasn't a devoted Christian yet. I still yell, but sometimes I feel I had to because there are some people who really just don't get it no matter how patient and easygoing you are.

ally said...


Hahay... People like them can really push our buttons noh? Well, God has better plans for us kaya on our journey, we have to come across people like them. Hopefully I can get a better job soon.

Thank you, Te! God bless po!

William K Wallace said...

If I was you I would talk to the Bitch and tell her that if she doesn't start playing fair, that you and the rest the team will take the matter to a higher level. You need to fight back, just be smarter. Take notes and get some prove that she is a liar.

Scotty's Princess said...

Sore loser indeed!

If you're not happy anymore, don't waste your time on craps like them, Bang. You deserve much better than this and they certainly are not worth your angst and heartaches.

If you're not happy anymore with the job, there are still a lot of opportunities waiting for you out there. It will be their loss pag pinakawalan ka nila. I believe in you. For sure, something better shall come your way, somehow, someday!