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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Back To The Zoo!!!

This post is about a psychotic scumbag who loves to verbally attack a blogger who happens to be a friend of mine. Lerma of Twerlyn's Way of Thinking has enough of this B**TCH. Too bad Lerma has to deal with someone like her! Don't worry girl, we're here to back you up!

Geez! I couldn't believe someone like Janice Halim Negrosa a.k.a Zuveena even exists. You can click the image below to see how tactless and wicked she is.

Thanks dear Cuz and Windy for this streamer!!!

Have you read some of her comments? She's a downright moron, utterly obnoxious and disgusting! She kept bragging about her achievements when she showed none! A teacher without ethics! What she displayed was a disgrace of herself. The more you read her comments, the more you'll think she's CRAZY!

I took a peek at her blogs just so I would remember to not drop and even visit her sites at all. I hope you'll do the same.

To Zuveena, go back to the Zoo were you belong, aight??!!!


mamalira said...

hahaha I did, too. No more EC drops on her blogs. Good for her.

Lainy said...

With an attitude that stinks like animal, she better go back to the zoo, that's where her place is.

She shouldn't be here loitering around the blogosphere. Her wicked behavior is unbelievable! It is just so sad that her name was tainted just because she allowed some of her great friends to USE her to get EVEN with Lerma. It's actually a thing of the past that they so want to relive because they are such a bunch of sore losers! They have to pay for being so mean and for dragging innocent people on senseless issues.

Well, why can't they show up now and defend their "so called" smart (according to ZOO herself) soon-to-be lawyer friend?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

@ Lainy:
So you know sis who her friends are? Hmmm....

And yeah, like what I've stated in my post, she should back off now and return to where she belongs!

Twerlyn said...

Hi Ally! na-busy akong beauty and brain (Lol) mao late ako tubag dre ba. Ngano man gud nakabuhi cia, gipakawalan sa iyang mga friends na wala man lang gani cia tabangi...Hays..ginakataw-an lang cia sa iyang mga friends kay nagpagamit cia sa ilaha.