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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looking Forward To Better Days...

I woke up early tonight which is not actually the usual. Our mattress needed to be folded early because I have to finish up my online chores. Guess what? I was able to make a video for my Music Monday! I'll get it posted tomorrow! I'm quite excited for you all to see it! :D

I'll be dragging myself again to work later. Sigh! I feel like I don't have the heart to keep up with my job anymore. The situation at work is really not getting any better at all. Most of my team mates don't come to work anymore. Another one of them resigned couple of days ago. I'm hearing others planning to leave the company, too. How sad, isn't it? My colleagues and I still don't have good relationship with our boss. She doesn't seem to care at all. And whenever we make fun with each other just to brush off the tension, she felt like were talking behind her back! How pathetic!

Geez! I still look forward to better days, though...

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