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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Missing Mom...

I haven't called my Mom over the phone this week. I hope she's doing fine. I was glad that the health card I gave her, which I got from my company, helped her with the hospital bills when she got confined at a hospital in GenSan a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised when she told me that after being confined for days because of her fever and constant coughing, she only paid more than P100.00 when she went out from the hospital.

That was indeed a relief to both of us. It's really good to have one of those health cards. It comes handy whenever you got health issues.

I wish I got that card for her when she had her hemorrhoid treated. I bet she spent a lot of money for that. If I should have known that there are other natural treatments which are available online, she should not have spent so much money for it. She also should not have undergone painful procedures. To those who needs hemorrhoid treatments, you can click here.

I miss my Mom. I better call her later tonight.

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