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Monday, April 5, 2010

Money Rant...

There are still a lot of things that I need to acquire for our little home here in Pasay. Yet I don't have enough money to purchase them. I still have to wait for my payouts at work so that I can purchase the things gradually. I need to buy bed covers, outdoor rugs, a curtain, and other home necessities. I just want to make our lives comfortable.

Joanna haven't brought her executive fridge yet, and I'm still waiting. I don't want to pressure her to bring it here from Bulacan but once we have the fridge, we won't have to buy ice cubes from the outside all the time. It's summer time and we really need cold drinks to keep our cool. I am also planning to buy a blender because I always crave for iced coffee and smoothies. If I only have the money, I also would want to buy an aircondition unit. It's too warm here because of the season. Sigh! If I only have the money, life would have been easier.

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