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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Job Interview This Week...:(

I just stayed at home in 2 days, waiting for a call from a company that I'm so interested to work at. It's the 3rd day of waiting in vain. I think they're not going to call at all. My cousin, Michelle, who works there told me that she already submitted my name for referral. She herself wondered why they didn't call. I haven't even submitted my resume. I guess I'm gonna have to walk-in as an applicant on April 30. It would have been easier if they just have me scheduled for the initial interview.

I was just home, watched TV and browsed the net for other possible jobs available where I can submit my resume. I didn't get too bored, actually. Although I didn't do much aside from doing the laundry and cleaning our room. I should have jogged in the mornings to at least get my blood to circulate properly. Instead, I kept the flabs in shape. LOL! I've been running out of ideas about loosing weight. I'm actually not doing anything about it. I should get a weight loss pill that works. Nah! I'm too stubborn to exercise. I better get me a better-paying job first so I can spend some money to get fit. :D

I'm gonna have to wait for next week for my job interviews. I hope I will pass! Wish me luck!

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