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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Exactly A Birthday Bash...

I ended up going home after watching the movie Clash Of The Titans last night. Joanne wanted to watch it in 3D so off we went to Market Market in Taguig City. That is after we had our meal at Chicken World in Glorietta. We actually wasn't able to finish up our meals since we were in a hurry for the movie. It felt like I just took supplements for weight loss since it really was a light meal! :D

I didn't go gaga over the movie at all because I really wasn't a fan of mythology. Not like the amusement I felt after watching Avatar which was starred by the same actor in Clash Of The Titans - Sam Worthington. He has this voice that's really manly and sexy, you know. I just love to listen to him whenever he delivers his lines. :D I will be making a different post about the movie later.

All in all, my birthday went just fine. It wasn't exactly a birthday bash. At least I had something to do on my natal day. As soon as I got home, I watched the movie Iron Man in HBO and dozed off to sleep. I hope next year's birthday will be much better, though.

Thanks to everyone who greeted me! :D


NovaS said...

glad to hear that you have fun...

Bill said...

I am very glad that you got to have a good time on your birthday Alley you deserve it my friend. Have a great weekend. See ya :)

Anonymous said...

The most important thing is you have a nice birthday and you enjoyed it no matter how trifling you celebrated it......ayo ayo!

sandy said...

Sorry your birthday wasn't more special. You should have picked out the movie you wanted to watch, it was your birthday....not his. I wouldn't be a fan of that movie either, not my style.

Happy Belated

ally said...


Thanks for dropping by!



Hey! I'm glad to hear from you again here at my comments field! Thanks Bill! God bless!



Ayo ayo sad te! Thanks much!



Thanks! Yeah, I thought it was a good one but it's okay. I enjoyed it, somehow. :D

God bless!