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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Suggestions For Fave Aunt's Birthday Gift...

My cousin Lainy's Mom, Aunt Rose, is celebrating her birthday soon. She was hoping that her upcoming birthday will be a blast. She wanted friends to be there and the Kuerdas Band to be performing live! Her wish is finally coming true! In fact, it's going to be sexy and so much party, party, party! Too bad I can't be there! :(

Her birthday is due this coming 1st of May. It will be held in the evening at Tropicana Beach Resort in GenSan where at the same time is the opening of the 2010 Bikini Open!!! Sizzling Hotttt, isn't it??? :D Kuerdas Band is going to perform live for the audience!

My favorite Aunt is turning 50, yet she doesn't look like her age. Maybe because of her happy and witty persona that keeps her young. Or does she order stuffs at I better ask. She's still beautiful and stunning! I am still thinking about what gift to give to her. Any suggestions???


Lauralee said...

A good gift is always chocolate or money.

ally said...


hi! I'll think about your suggestion. Thanks! :D

God bless!