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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad Things Happen...

A lot has happened this past week. I was stressed out as usual at work and I am actually trying to find a better employer. I still haven't found one yet. I'm still waiting for calls from the companies were I handed my resume. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than the bad atmosphere at work, Lowela and I came across a snatcher when we were on our way home from work last Sunday. It was broad day light when it happened and we were crossing the foot bridge. We were oblivious of that man's motive because we were busy chatting and he seemed like he was having a fight with the woman he's with. All of a sudden, he grabbed Lowela's necklace. It happened so fast. And he wasn't scared that there were people just a few meters away from us. He really scared the hell out of us. Him and the woman simply walked away. As if nothing happened. The tricycle drivers who were just a few meters from us noticed that something was wrong. One of them even told us that we should have shouted for help so they could chase the snatcher. They could strangle the man to learn his lesson. We haven't thought about that because we got really scared. We don't want to risk our lives for the necklace. Although we have read enough life insurance quotes and were definitely insured, we don't want to get hurt just for that peace of necklace which the snatcher cannot even sell. He was actually faked by Lowela. The necklace was just a fancy thing. Not worth the risk at all.

I still see the felon once in a while on the streets. The scumbag! I just didn't have time to report it yet since people at the barangay hall were always not around. They're all busy campaigning for the election this Monday.

I've been very careful when walking the streets. I normally don't look at people's faces when I walk. But after the incident last week, I can't help but get paranoid. It's better that way, I guess. I knew their faces anyway. I just hope we can report these people one day and that the police will do something to these kind of people.


bingkee said...

I had experienced similar to this story but I was the victim. When I was in 4th year in high school, our driver picked me up from school. But my mom asked him to go to the grocery first to do some shopping before heading home. Since I have a slight fever, I stayed inside the car with the windows open. I wasn't myself coz I wasn't feeling well. While I was waiting for our driver to come back, I spotted a teenage boy on my rearview mirror looking at me suspiciously. But I wasn't scared of him since it was daylight and I was inside the car. Suddenly, he threw his arm through the window and grabbed my necklace that I was wearing. I sat there dumbstruck. I was 15 that time and I didn't know what to do. But I was glad I wasn't harmed though I felt so sad about being robbed. The necklace my mom gave me was gone.

mamalira said...

Good luck sa imong job hunting, Ally. For sure one of these days, employers will give you a phone call. Sagdi ra ng mga stresses ky it come and go basta stay pretty japon.