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Monday, May 10, 2010

Count My Vote!!! :D

I just got home, too tired of today's event. As most of you know, today marks our country's National Election Day.

After work at 12 noon, I went to do my part as a Filipino citizen. I went to cast my vote! I was expecting that since it's an automated election (which is the first time that was done in the Philippines), I am not going to suffer waiting on queue just to have my vote registered. Well, the worst actually happened. I was there for more than four hours under the heat of the sun and too paranoid because people are in the brink of loosing their patience. Some people already made a scene when I was still waiting for the watchers to provide me my precinct number. It was like a war zone over at the school. There were too many people and the voting wasn't organized at all! Voters have to wait for hours since there was only one machine in each precincts! Imagine the pain! And there were inconsiderate assholes who smoke anywhere in the vicinity!

I was relieved when I finally had my vote registered in the machine! I hope next election will be a lot better than today. I also hope that the result for this year's election is JUST!

All of us, Filipinos, hope for the best from this election. May God bless us all!


mamalira said...

pirting boto hehe

ally said...

mao jud sis! hehehe...