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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Helping My Bro For NCLEX

One of my colleagues, Xernan, recently passed the National Council Licensure EXamination (NCLEX). Congratulations my friend!

After years of being a call center agent, he decided to take the exam. And in just one take, he was able to pass! He's really good, isn't he? Now he's getting ready to get a job abroad. That's the aim of most of the nurses here in the Philippines, to be able to work abroad.

My younger brother is also a nursing student but haven't taken the NCLEX yet. I was actually asking some advice from Xernan so I can relay it to my brother. He told me that he really didn't spend a lot of money during his review. He just did self-review actually and made use of online resources.

It's like taking lsat prep online where you will be able to learn in the most convenient way. You won't have to go to school with your pen and papers. You also won't have to deal with the traffic jam and the parking space. You can study whenever and wherever you want! Besides, everything that you want to learn is now online! So why do the old school test prep?

Now that my brother is here in Manila, I would be able to help him do the self review. He can actually make use of my internet connection and my laptop during his reviews. I'm glad I would be able to help him! I hope he will pass the NCLEX in one take too! :D No pressure bro!

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