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Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm A Tour Guide For The Day! :D

My younger brother, Florante and his wife, Mary Joy arrived here in Manila at 5pm yesterday. I went to fetch them at the airport and I was actually an hour early because I misunderstood my brother's text message. :D Got a bit excited to see them, that's why. I was able to roam around the airport when I waited for them. I was thankful because I was able to get a better room for them just in time and it's nearby my place. I won't have difficulties to check on them whenever I have time.

I was able to tour them in Ayala Land this morning. Since they came here to get a job, I pointed the buildings where they can walk in as applicants. Both of them are nursing graduates and were planning to get a job somewhere in the Middle East together. While they're waiting for the opportunity abroad, they want to work as call center agents first. They have to get a job here so that they can provide for their little baby who was left in the province. Joy's parents are the ones who take care of their 2-year old boy.

The couple seemed like they're not used to long walks. They're still trying to get used to the tall buildings and the busy streets here in Manila. I'm pretty sure they got too exhausted. Even though I was so tempted to ride the taxi on our way back home, I decided for us to ride the bus so that they will know what to do when they're on their own. I also advised them to look on their right when going out of the bus instead of the convex mirrors because motorcycles often overtake all of a sudden on buses. I don't want them to get on an accident.

I hope they won't get lost on Monday. I can't be with them because of work.

All in all, I bet I did a pretty good job being the tour guide for the day. Hopefully they were able to get all my instructions. And I hope their job hunt will become successful.


Anonymous said...

I'm always the tour guide whenever visiting friends from the Phils. or any other state , come to New York City. I make sure they always enjoy their visit.

NovaS said...

oh i love those kinds of trips like you know everything in the place....i can see that you have so much fun at the same time...