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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street

My roommate, Joanna and I were trying to get some sleep yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden the electricity went off! It was tremendously hot and we didn't have a choice but to go out and watch a movie. Go somewhere where we can breathe! LOL! It felt like hell in our room without electricity.

So we met up with our friend, Sunday at Greenbelt, Makati and ended up watching a horror flick - A Nightmare on Elm Street. Too early for Halloween, isn't it? :D I'm not into horror movies but I allowed my younger companions to pick the film. So I went ahead and watched it with them anyway.

It was about a bunch of teenagers haunted by the famous Freddy Krueder in their dreams. He actually tries to kill them with his fingers made of knives. To not get themselves killed, these kids try very hard not to go to sleep. Or else, it will end their lives!

Here's a trailer if you guys are up for some thrill and suspense:


Lula Foxx said...

I don't usually do those scary movies either. Sometimes friends get to pick though. Hopefully when you got back the electricity was back on.

Dani said...

Actually I was there when the original was made back in 1984 and I really have a problem with them remaking a lot of the classics from my era...but what are you gonna do. I won't be seeing the movie but I hope you enjoyed it.