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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Rest Day for Today...

Our team luckily was included on this year's Best of Best which is sponsored by the company. It's an event in the company wherein the teams who performed well get recognized. The company treats the teams to an all-expense-free out-of-town get-away. This year, it's the same place where I've been to last year - Punta Fuego. It's a very nice resort. But I'm not too enthusiastic into going this time.

I'm expecting my brother and his wife to arrive here in Manila on Thursday. I don't want to compromise their arrival with the get-away. I haven't found an apartment for them yet. I still have to accomplish that. Wrong timing, isn't it? Anyway, I bet I won't have much fun at Punta Fuego since almost everyone in the team won't be joining. It's only 3 people who will be representing our team. That includes our supervisor who gets to enjoy our hard-work. Sigh!

Well, to make myself productive, I decided to do overtime later at work. I need some money for my personal expenses and for my brother and his wife. Since I'm the host here in Manila, they would need my financial help sometime for sure. I need to be prepared for that.

No rest day for today. :D


NovaS said...

that's nice.. wow you are one nice sister...

imelda said...

congrats for being one of the best. its worth the absence in ouenta fuego, kins are most impt than anything else