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Monday, May 24, 2010

Self-discpline For Weight Loss

Losing weight at my age has been a challenge. I miss the times when I was young and full of energy. I seemed to be so excited about everything that I didn't mind being too busy. I got school, the varsity team, the choir practices, the bands. Geez! I seemed so busy during those days that's why I didn't gain much weight.

Now that I'm 27 and have a job which keeps me seated for almost 10 hours, I now have bulging tummy and really felt lazy most of the time when I'm home. Too stubborn to at least jog on my rest days.

Good thing lately I am trying so hard to discipline myself. I'm into some kind of a diet. Basically just not eating too much. And I'm seeing results actually. Although it's not a quick weight loss regimen, I'm still glad I'm somehow loosing weight without spending too much money. I just hope I could be consistent this time.

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