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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sent Home From Work Because Of Soar Eyes

I was sent home from work today. I went straight to the clinic when I came to work this morning at 1am because my right eye was reddish and has watery discharges. I was already worried that I was suffering from soar eyes.

When the doctor confirmed that it was indeed soar eyes (acute conjunctivitis), I wasn't really sure if I'd be happy about it since I won't have to report to work for 5-7 days. I was scared that I won't get paid for my absence. I just got relieved when my supervisor told me that I will get paid anyways.

So here I am, still thinking about what to do while on leave. If I get better sooner, I might visit my cousin Michelle on her apartment. We haven't seen each other for months now. I also will be able to help my brother and his wife with their job search. Hopefully they won't get infected with this soar eyes.

Ahh... What a nice impromptu vacation! :D

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