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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trying Too Hard To Be Pretty

Pimple outbreak - this is one of my dilemma lately, other than losing weight. I took Vitamin E for more than a month thinking it will help lessen the outbreak but it didn't happen! It just made the pimples worst! So I decided to stop taking it and try to look for a better alternative.

I was browsing the channels on the TV and came across a channel which sells a glutathione product. I went online and checked out reviews about the product. It's like reading apidexin reviews and learn how the products work by reading through other people's experiences. You know how it is when you read one of these reviews! :D I ended up buying a bottle of the glutathione. I hope it's going to work for me, though.

I just want to feel and look pretty again. Pimples are really a pain not only in the face but it really affect one's confidence. Once I get the result that I want, I'll get myself enrolled in a gym or take an effective dietary supplement. Geez! Am I trying to hard to be pretty? Well, I guess I am! LOL!

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