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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wishful And Trying To Get Better...

Money has been tough lately. I don't mean I have less but I just have enough. Even though I'm single I have limited budget and really can't spend that much. I have bills to pay and just enough money to save a little bit. Sometimes I wish I'm a rich girl who can buy anything I want. If I were a rich girl and fell short of money, I can just sell my timeshare and invest my money into something else. Nah! Just a wishful thinking.

I'm still waiting for calls from companies where I sent my resume to. I was hoping one of these bigger companies is going to hire me. I really want to see growth in my career. I feel stagnant in my current employer. Even though my boss tells me that she's going to help me get promoted, I actually don't believe her anymore. A lot of negative things happened in the team lately and I don't think I can still trust her.

For now, I'll try my best to do good at work and not focus on the negative. I'll try to make myself happy and not think of things and people that could make me all the more depressed. I know I can do this. I'll try my best to be tough on whatever is to come. God is with me always. I have nothing to worry about.

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