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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bored With My Stay-At-Home Vacation Leave

I'm already getting bored with my stay-at-home vacation. My right eye has already healed from soar eyes. I have finished all the household chores and did my laundry.

What kept me a bit busy is my online assignments which I was able to finish on time. Thank God I was on leave from work. If I wasn't, I'll get so stressed out for sure because I had a lot of online opportunities this week.

My soar eyes was kind of a blessing in disguise, actually. I was able to practice with the choir members at church almost every night. We're preparing for an inter-church choir contest this month. I'm glad I'm part of the group!

I also was able to help out my brother and his wife find a job online. They're still searching for agencies who will hire both of them in the Middle East. They haven't found one yet, unfortunately.

Other than recuperating from soar eyes, I was able to get a lot of sleep. My acne have somehow healed. I'm being patient with the treatment that I'm undergoing. As the cliche goes, "patience is a virtue". I better keep my fingers crossed with the treatment. I really hope it's going to work. I want my acne-free face back!

I have watched most of the movies at HBO and kept browsing the channels on TV. I am not a voracious reader. My books and magazines were just beside me, unread and just a bit browsed. :D I'm really stubborn with books, you know.

My supervisor told me to report back to work on June 13. That's another week of boredom. I might go back to work this week anyways. I miss work! Seriously, I really do. And I miss my friends already. I know that I'll be fit to work this coming Sunday or Monday. It depends on what my doctor will tell me. I still have to set an appointment with him before reporting back to work.

I'm really bored with this leave. I'm still glad I was able to take a break, though!

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bingkee said...

By the looks of it, you were kept busy with your me it doesn't seem boring.