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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Determined To Buy A Camera...

I am almost unproductive on my 2 succeeding rest days. I kept telling myself to render overtime at work yet I ended up sleeping my butt off to la-la-land! LOL! I just got tired, you know. Making money is really hard. I think I have to push myself a little bit. I still have until today to motivate myself to render overtime. I hope I won't be stubborn. I have set a goal of saving to buy something that I really want. I want to buy myself a camera, actually. It's a bit expensive but I'm hoping to be able to buy it this year. I really have to work harder to achieve it. :D

Yeah, setting a goal is really important. It's like taking apidexin to lose weight fast and get the body figure that one aims. It will really make me feel good once I am able to buy myself that camera. I have to have the determination, though. :D

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