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Monday, June 7, 2010

Do I Need A Credit Card?

I'm not at all a shopaholic. I seldom shop, actually. That's because I really don't have lots of money to spend. :D

If ever I get extra blessings, I spend most of it on important things (i.e. food, bills to pay, savings). Sometimes I envy other people who gets to buy whatever they want without worrying that their pocket gets drained out the next day. How I wish I can be like them.

I'm not into credit, too. I don't even own a credit card. That's one thing that I remember my father taught me when I was young - to never have debt. I feel worry-free when I don't owe someone some money. Although I know a lot of people who uses credit cards like a Visa reward card and were able to pay up their bills on time. I know I can do that. My cousin, Michelle once told me that credit cards are important especially when emergency situation arises. Sometimes I get tempted to get a credit card but I'm afraid of the annual fees, maybe late fees that I might incur if ever I won't be able to pay it on time. I'm also scared of ending up dependent on it. Nah! I'm not just used to it, that's why.

I know there are a lot of credit card companies that will provide options and good offers for beginners like me. I still have to assess myself and see if I really need one.

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