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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Filipino Gorgeuos Actors...

Filipino actors like Robin Padilla, Cesar Montano, Aga Muhlach and many others don't seem to age. They still look gorgeous and really fabulous even on their late 40's. Their leading ladies now on their films are mostly young actresses who used to be their little sisters in their younger years in the movie industry. It's either they're taken care of by their dermatologists and live a healthy life of they apply wrinkle filler or other cosmetics on their face to look younger on-screen. :D

Either way, they really are handsome men on Philippine TV and a lot women love them!

I am looking forward to Aga Muhlach's films this year. It was reported that he will tandem with actresses/Asia's songbird Regine Velasquez once again and with the young and beautiful Angel Locsin. Whenever he does a romantic movie, it's definitely a box-office hit here in the Philippines!

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