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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Had A Blast With Gerri!

I had a blast today! I went to see an old friend, Gerri, at Glorrietta Mall this afternoon. She's a friend of mind since college days. We sang together in the school choir and upstage during college days. We had gigs together during those days. We did have great memories together since we share the same passion which is music.

A lot had happened since college. We seldom see each other because I chose to find a job here in Manila. She just came back from her application exams in a company in Abu Dhabi where she's hoping to work. She's some kind of a "jet-setter" lately. I envy her! I wish I can just travel overseas for free sometime! LOL!

We had a tete-tete at Starbucks in Greenbelt. We also chatted while walking past the malls in Ayala and had a taste of Dairy Queen's yummy ice cream. There were a lot of things to catch up but it seemed like there wasn't enough time. We talked about a lot of things. Our lives in particular. I just miss those days when we just sit together on-stage and sing our hearts out. The days when we can do things that we really love.

Nah! I'm being bitter again. Those are really fun memories with Gerrie! I'm just glad I was able to spend those days with her and was able to build a friendship with this wonderful person! Love you Gerri!

The best part of today's date with Gerlyn is playing the Guitar Hero at Glorrietta 4's Time Zone! It was soooo coool! I hope we can do this again when she gets back here in Manila.

Rock n' Roll Marekoy! I really had a great time with you!


NovaS said...

I can see you two have a long and funny day....

ally said...


Thanks for dropping by! We had a great time!

God bless!