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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pricking Is Bad For The Face...

I have been reading articles about the causes of acne. I am suffering from acne breakout that's why I seek for treatment. I have actually asked for professional help and I am now undergoing treatment.

On most articles that I've read, one cause of acne is pricking. Like what my doctor had told me, it is really very hard to resist pricking the pimples or blackheads at times. But we have to avoid doing it because it's going to make the simple pimple problem worse. Like what happened to my face. Now I have to spend a lot of money just for treatment.

And like what my dermatologist said, the treatment is going to take a while to take effect. I have to wait for my body, or face in particular, to get used to the treatment. I need to be patient.

I'm just glad that I'm on leave from work right now. I was able to not only recuperate from having soar eyes, I was also able get a lot of sleep. That's beauty rest for me! :D

Reviews like acneticin review online could be helpful. We get to see information about the products that we want to use and double check them with our doctors. It's helpful that we get facts from the internet or from the professionals rather than keep trying different products on our face. Instead of beautiful results, we end up getting depressed of the outcome.

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