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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got Wounded By My Laundry! :(

I hand-washed my laundry this morning and this is what I got!

Phew! I should've brought it to the laundry shop! I just don't trust the laundry shop, that's why I chose to do the laundry myself. Now I have to endure the pain each time I wash my hands. The pain is really excruciating! My brother told me to use a pair of gloves next time. Yeah, maybe next time brother dear! :D


mamalira said...


Anonymous said...

You probably used a harsh time , gamita ang gentle nga detergent.

NovaS said...

oh my gosh! hope your wound heals soon.... good thing i don't do laundry here.... hubby does.. bwahahahahaha...

My Pink Shoelace said...

Waaaa It looks really painful sis. I have someone else do the laundry for me because I am very allergic to dishwashing soaps.

ally said...


ouch jud sis! hehehe...


@Ate Bing,

Thanks for the advise te... I'll try gentle detergent next time po!



Your lucky with your hubby! hehehe... Yeah, I hope it heals soon! Tc!


@My Pink Shoelace,

Thanks sis! Good for you! I better trust the laundry shop with my laundry, I guess...:D Ingat!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Ouch! I can't stand hand-washing, too. Pasalig ko molaba ug pila ka-loads basta naka-machine ang kuso-kuso part. Hehehe...