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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hoping The Best For My Bro's Family

My brother Florante and his wife moved here in Manila for about 2 months now. They went here with hopes of finding an agency which will help them get a job abroad. They are both registered nurses. Since nurses here in the Philippines are not paid well, they really would want to work overseas to get a better pay.

They have a cuddly son, Brandon, who was left in the care of Joy's mom in the province. The couple want a better life for their son and really would want to start their family without asking financial help from their parents. They also have to be financially prepared since Brandon has skin asthma and has very sensitive skin. They are afraid that if Brandon wouldn't be properly taken care of, he will end up having eczema. They were both thankful that Joy's mom is there to take very good care of their baby.

The family...

Florante and Joy are still seeking for better employment abroad. I can see that both of them are having tough time trying to get a good agency to help them. I'm hoping the best for them. Meanwhile, I'm glad to be spending a lot of time with them here in Manila.

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mamalira said...

Hoping for the best for them, too. Your brother looks familiar lagi, Len ay.