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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Hope To See You Again, Joyerz...

Joy and Nicole
Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do. Be it for a lover, a family, a friend. It's really not easy. Especially when it's you who's leaving.

I'm not talking about me leaving. I wish I could if I have the opportunity. This article is about my friend, Joy Qua, who's actually on her way to Singapore.

Joy is one of the nicest person I've ever met. She's my colleague at work. She's the kindest, wittiest and always have the positive attitude which is contagious. Whenever I feel sad and weary, she's always there to cheer me up. She definitely lives up to her name, giving JOY to anyone. She's always there to listen and give kind words and advices. She's a real friend. It's seldom that I meet someone like her. Everybody in the team loves her. She's the mediator. She's a gem!

She surprised us with the news last week. When she told me about it on Facebook, I didn't believe her at first. All of us in the team didn't see it coming until the day she broke the news. I was a bit sad because it would mean I wouldn't see her everyday at work anymore. It just wouldn't be the same atmosphere at work without her. I'm happy for her though because that's what she really wanted. For her to be able to give a better life for her baby girl and for herself too. I know it's hard for her especially that she's leaving her daughter, Nicole and the rest of her family behind. All we could do is say a prayer for her and give our best wishes on her next journey in life.

Even though we bid goodbye, our friendship doesn't end there for sure.There are social networking sites online anyway which will help us communicate with each other.

I'm glad to have fun memories with Joy and the gang!!:D

I said goodbye to family and friends a lot of times already. So I know how it feels for Joy leaving everyone behind.

Goodbye is actually not the end of one's journey. It's a beginning of another endeavor. It's just scary in the beginning because you're going out of your comfort zone. It's trying another path in life, facing another adventure. I know Joy is going to make it abroad. It's just this path that we have to take sometimes to see if we're going to succeed or not. We won't have regrets in the end because at least we tried.

For my dear friend, Joy (I fondly call her Joyerz :D), I know it's going to be another fun ride! Take care dear friend and may God bless you as He always do.

I hope to see you soon!


mamalira said...

I can relate too much to this post. Makahilak man sd tang pop corn ani oi. Nice post, Ally.

ally said...


hehe... thanks sis! ingat lage...