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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Learning From Experience

I have been so lazy when it comes to updating my blog lately. Whenever I open my blog and about to update it, I find myself getting sleepy. Most of the time I end up dozing off in front of my laptop. I really have been procrastinating.

I have one good reason to procrastinate, though. I have been making sure to get enough sleep to help me get rid of the acne breakout. As advised by my dermatologist, I give myself 6-8 hours of sleep lately. That helped me become stress-free! :D

I still take the meds and apply the facial products that my doctor prescribed. I just can't wait to be acne-free again. By then, I'm going to make sure to take care of my skin. Use the right products for my skin type. Maybe try the product from I have learned to do some research about the products before applying them to my face. It's better to be safe this time. I'm learning from experience, don't I? :D

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