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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marmi's Birthday Bash...

My colleagues and I headed to Cavite, which is an hour ride from Makati, after work last Tuesday. We went there to have some fun and basically to celebrate a wonderful colleague's birthday - Marmi. She's a sweet lady and she's everybody's friend.

We have planned for it for weeks. We couldn't make up our minds with what gift to give her. It would have been better if it's personalized gifts. Since everyone was busy, we ended up buying the gift from the mall.

We decided to celebrate the birthday bash at Marmi's sister's house in Cavite.

I cooked spaghetti for the group! One of our friends, Ate Carylle, made sinigang for dinner. Everyone helped, of course! I just loved the team work! :D

The boys and some of the girls drank beer. I wasn't feeling well so I didn't join the drinking session with them. There was karaoke but since I was sick with cold and dry cough, I wasn't able to sing. Too bad, isn't it? :D

Everybody's hungry now, Alleeeyyyyy!!!!

I had fun spending the night with my friends. I was glad to have met Marmi who's such a nice person and I'm glad I was able to somehow make her happy on her natal day.

Marmi and yours truly

We love you Mamita! May God continue to bless you! Thank you for the friendship! May all your wishes come true, dear friend!

The birthday girl got her gifts...

and she's got a kiss too! LOL!


mamalira said...

happy belated birthday, marmi!

Anonymous said...

cute pictures :)

shengy said...

cute pictures :)

LivingShed said... to xlinks/

Watadid said...


GoodiesNBadies said... have so much fun huh

William K Wallace said...

Looks like a fun party and I feel your pain not being able to drink beer, that would have made me feel doubly unwell...

ally said...


thanks daw sis! :D


@Anonymous and @shengy,

thanks for liking!


@Watadid and LivingShed,

thanks for visiting...



Yep! Really had fun with friends! thanks for dropping by...

@William K Wallace,

thanks for dropping by... I really didn't feel bad not able to drink, though... :D take care!