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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I watched the Twilight Saga: Eclipse yesterday with friends at Greenbelt 3, Makati. I have read the Twilight series last year and actually became a fan of Stephenie Meyer's since then. I got my last book: Breaking Dawn as a birthday gift from my cousin Michelle last year.

I love the movie! It's action-packed! New-born vampires against the Collins and their unexpected team-up with the were-wolves to save Bella. Victoria, who never tired to take revenge for her lost love, was the one behind the army of new-born vampires.

Bella and Edward's love intensifies yet it appears that Bella also love the HOT were-wolf, Jacob. Yeah right! Bella's torn between unusual lovers! Makes us girls envy her! Grrr!

Well, girls, Jacob is most of the time shirtless here. Haha! Made the movie all the more enjoyable for me! Looking at his sexy bod make me think about testosterone booster reviews I read. Do you think he takes something for that gorgeous muscles??? Anyway, he's got this line for Edward when they were inside the tent, in the midst of the storm wherein Bella was shivering miserably, "I'm way HOTTER than you are!". That's his way of telling Edward that Bella needs his 109 degree body heat to keep her warm. :D I also think he meant that literally! LOL! I really love this scene even when I was just reading the book.

The movie also showcased Rosalie and Jasper's story of their becoming vampires. Lea and Seth Clearwater's appearance as part of the "pack" were a big help in fighting the new-born vampires. And the most awaited, Edward's proposal to Bella.

I left the movie house smiling and really feeling contented with the movie. I am now all the more excited on watching the last series: Breaking Dawn!

For those who haven't watched the movie yet, here's the trailer:


czarina said...

waahhhhh..landi mo gat...hahahahahaha...............ur thinking of a love scene k jan...may nalalaman k ng ganun h?hehhe
painggit ka gat,haven't seen it here in dvo since yesterday,hope to see it soooooo soooonnnn.i'm hoping it would be with u though..huhuh..echos..hehehe
i miss u madly gat..i really do hope we can hang out together like we used to.i miss ur company badly..miss our laughs gat...nag inoa nko..hehehe...ingat ka lagi..mwahmwah..i love you gat

ally said...

panoorin mo na! hehehhe... ganda nga. malayong malayo sa New Moon. miss u din gat! labyu din!!! ingat ka jan!

Auntie E said...

We have been go to the movie a lot lately. Saw this one and I have to say it was good.

andy cacho said...

the third series...uu nga medyo malalim na ang istorya...dumadami ng bampira sa mundo nila...pero tip ko syo..panoorin mo naman ung "inception"..tiyak buwal ka sa istorya nito...kakaiba..!

ally said...


My friends and I are planning to watch the movie. I'm a Leonardo de Caprio fanatic! hehehe...

Thanks for dropping by po! tc!