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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Typhoon Basyang

Typhoon Basyang (Conson) hit Manila last night. I was glad it was my rest day that I didn't have to go to work while the wind was blowing too strong last night. There was no electricity. I didn't have a candle to lit up last night so everything was a peach black. All I could hear was the strong wind and the noisy chimes hanging next door to my room. The roof which I think was being ripped off by the storm kept banging. I couldn't sleep not only because of the noises I was hearing but also because I worried about my friends who have to go to work and my brother with his wife who now live upstairs to my apartment. I was alone in my room and decided not to go out to check on them. We just communicated through text messages. I'm glad that the storm ended without flooding the whole Manila. There wasn't too much rain actually. But the wind was so strong that it ruined some electric posts which led us to not having electricity for hours.

I went to work at 7am this morning to render over time. The wind wasn't too strong anymore and I came to work safe. I still haven't watched the news on TV yet since it was only after I came home from church at 9pm did the electricity went back.

I'm glad that the storm has ended. Typhoon Basyang has finally left the country.

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