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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updates And Green Shopping...

Today is my rest day! I had enough sleep and I'm so happy about it! I was planning to render overtime at work today but decided otherwise. I'm going to do my household and blogging chores today. My room is not at all messy but just needed a little cleaning. Oh! I forgot to tell you all that my room mate, Joanna, already left the apartment to take care of her Grandma who had a stroke. She resigned from work to prioritize her family. I miss my room mate but I have to carry on! :D

I have enough space in my room now but my brother, Florante and his wife might move in. So I'm probably won't be alone anymore by next week. That is if they won't change their minds about moving in with me.

Anyways, later on is time for me to buy some groceries at a mall nearby. It's green shopping day today since the mall will be using paper bags for groceries. No plastic bags on Wednesdays. It's the malls small contribution to greener environment. I better bring my own bag, though, for my groceries. I'm having a hard time with the paper bags actually. :D

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