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Friday, August 13, 2010

Call Center Job Vs. Other Jobs.. :D

A call center agent is the one who handles incoming calls. They are the customer service representatives who handles account inquiries, customer complaints, or technical support issues. In some call centers, the agents are the ones who do outgoing calls. Most of them are from the sales or collections department. A lot of people could say that this job is tiring and stressful. Well, I guess all kinds of jobs are stressful in different ways. It just depends on the job description. The only difference is that most call center agents work on graveyard shifts. When most of the people sleep, employees like myself have to go to work.

In my more than four years of experience as a call center agent, I seldom get a day shift. That's only during training which is the first two or three months being hired in the company. After the training we don't have a choice but take calls for our American clients during the time when they're awake. :D

I really can't complain since this is one of the jobs in the Philippines where you can earn a pretty much better compensation. After the stressful day, our job ends as soon as we get off the phone. Unlike other jobs where some employees have to take home the paper works. Good for those who have laptops or USB ports where they can just save or do their document management at home. They won't have to go home with stack of papers.

I am pretty much contented with my job even though sometimes I have to deal with irate callers. There are times that I experience burn out but I think it happens in all kinds of jobs. It's only up to you on how you handle the negative. What matters is I have a job that takes care of my needs for the mean time.

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