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Friday, August 6, 2010

Congratulations, Czarina, On Your New Job!


My best friend, Czarina, just landed on a job! I'm really happy for her! Way to go, Gat!

She had gone through series of interviews and she passed! She's on her way to becoming a call center agent like me! I'm so happy for her! She'll start her training on Monday. She's a call center newbie and I know how it is like when you're a newbie. With her wits and charm, I'm sure the upcoming training will all be smooth and easy for her.

I'm just happy for you, Gat! If only you're not miles away, I might have thrown a party for you! LOL! Would you take custom usb drives as a present? Or would you rather go out with me and party? I know you'd prefer the latter. Too bad, we're far apart. Let's save the celebration when we get together, aight?

I miss you, Bestest friend! hehehe... Love you much!



ally's best friend said...

Thank u very much gat..i am touched with your blog..can i have both gifts then?hahahah
Well gat,I am so happy to be your best friend...You didn't lose your faith in me...You always push me til I get what i do deserve...Thank u for being here for me always...I love you Gat...And no one can replace you and the bonding that we have ever...I miss u Gat..Mwah

ally said...

naks! drama mo Gat! hehehe... Goodluck on your first day! miss u! ingat!

sandy said...

Congrats to your friend for getting a job!
Hope it all goes well.

ally said...


Thank you, Sandy. I know she's going to do good on this job.

Take care. :D