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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Damaged Chair Because Of Weight

My brother, Boyet and his wife, Joy moved in my room yesterday. The move will help them save some money since they're still looking for a job. My room is basically small and we find ways to make sure that all three of us won't look congested in the small space. Thankfully we were able to arrange our room.

Boyet and I went to Baclaran yesterday and bought mono block chairs and a comfy chair for the computer table. It's also a plastic chair which he broke just this morning. He's that heavy to break a brand new chair! :D I have been telling him to go on a diet or try safe weight loss pills. Now because of his weight, he damaged a chair! It was funny but I still find myself a bit pissed. There's nothing I can do but to have him replace the chair.

I have to be comfortable when I'm in front of my laptop. Sorry bro, but damage has been done to the chair. Blame it to your weight! :D

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