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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excited About Seeing Michelle, Jon and URE!

My cousin's fiance, Kuya Jon, love his car so much! I think most men's first love is their car. :D When I lived with them on the previous apartment, I sometimes hear my cousin Michelle nag about the car. That Kuya Jon is always caught up with the car (the expenses and what not). He also have friends who own cars and feel the same way as he does with his car.

The cars are boys' toys. That's an old cliche. Yet it's true. Men make sure that their cars have good sound system in it, buy expensive wheels just to make their cars look cool. Some even put gadgets in their cars. I'm pretty sure that the cars they own are insured since sometimes the boys race whenever they get together. I bet they've chosen the best insurance for their cars, even read quotes like that of rv insurance quote, just in case something happens. It's better to be ready whatever happens to their beloved cars.

I haven't seen Michelle and Kuya Jon for quite sometime now. I miss their company. They're really fun to be with. We're planning to see each other next week. I'm already excited for the meeting. I'm pretty sure I'm going to see URE as well (that's the name of Kuya Jon's car).:D

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