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Friday, August 27, 2010

Forced To Join DXN International

My Mom wanted to travel to Malaysia. That's what she told me when we talked on the phone this week. Her way to travel? She wanted me to sign up on a multi-level marketing which she's into recently.

I am half-hearted into joining the MLM because I have been to one of those MLM before which did not help me succeed. But because of her prodding, I ended signing up for DXN International as an agent today.

I still have to study the product and it's marketing scheme. I have to make my Mom happy. Hopefully I can since I can't give her this travel dream myself, I should at least put some effort to making her dream come true.

I hope I won't fail her. So help me God. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi, may be you can check out this blog to understand more about DXN:

MommaLira said...

Mao ba ni ang manufacturer atong kape nga lami kaau?

anne said...

Uhmmm sounds good though, I mean an opportunity to go to Malaysia why not? di ba? btw girl have a tag for you alam ko busy ka just take your time thanks its here

ally said...


Thanks for the link! tc!



Yes girl! Lami na healthy pa...:D



You're right anne!

Thanks for the tag!