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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

High School And Grade School Reunion???

I have communicated with my grade school and high school friends in a social networking site recently. I was glad I was able to chat with them online after all these years. It made me reminisce the good old days! Some of our pictures where also posted online. We had fun commenting on the photos. We were actually making fun of our looks back then.

A lot of them have married and already have kids. I sometimes envy those who are having the times of their lives overseas.

We agreed to organize a reunion in December. I hope I'd be able to attend it. I wonder how all of them look like now that we're grownups. :D Some of them may already be rich and maybe smoke cao cigars. I wonder if some of the men are still single and available. LOL! I really want to get reunited with them. I wonder if bullies are still bullies and geeks remain geeks. That's for me to find out!

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