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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Joneses - Movie Review

I didn't really want to go to sleep yet when I got home from work yesterday so I opted to watch the movie "The Joneses". It was quite an interesting movie and I really enjoyed watching it. Demi Moore is still darned gorgeous!

The Joneses is a movie about a picture-perfect family. They live in an enormous house with luxury cars and gadgets and they wear designer's outfits. Headed by Kate (Demi Moore) and Steve Jones (David Duchovny) with their teenagers Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hoolingsworth) they individually looked perfect together. They move in a nice suburban neighborhood where I think people with homeowners insurance live. The Joneses moved there not only to live the American dream, but also to sell it.

You read it right! They are there to sell! They're actually a fake family who were hired by a stealth marketing company. Rather than spending for the advertisement of the products, they make their products worn and used by each of the Joneses to make everyone in the neighborhood buy the products. Isn't it a unique marketing scheme? You can't even tell that they're sales people!

With Steve's feelings for Kate getting real each day, and Jen's and Mick's personal issues, it will hold up the business' success. The facade gets revealed after a tragedy which will soon make Steve realize that money is less important than living a life that's real.

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