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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letters To God

Hope is contagious....

That's a tag line from the movie Letters To God which I have watched last week. I've been doing movie marathon since I got lazy about rendering overtimes at work during my rest days. And it has been raining a lot lately so I preferred hibernating in my apartment and watch movies.

I came across this inspiring movie - Letters To God which is about a boy, Tyler, who have cancer. He's a happy child despite of his condition. He's surrounded with love not only from his family but the whole community. During the course of his sickness, he writes letters to God everyday. He puts it in an envelope, seals it, and mails the letters. A confused postman named Brady McDaniels, who also is going through tough times at that time, doesn't know what to do with the letters. Until he realizes God's plan. Tyler is God's instrument to the community. That despite all the hardships in life, there still Hope in God.

It turned out the Brady and the whole community learned to communicate to God by writing letters to Him. Some may have sent postcards and learned postcard printing or find their own ways to communicate with God.

Here's the trailer of the video:

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