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Friday, August 27, 2010

Meticulous Me... :D

I'm a bit meticulous with my stuffs in my room. Since my room is not that spacious, I have to make sure that as much as possible, everything is in it's proper place. Books and magazines should be placed back on my mini shelf after use, my shirts properly tucked in the dresser, my documents filed on the right places, the vga cables and electronic gadgets should be in box after use. I can't afford to buy replacement for destroyed stuffs just because of being clumsy. I might just step on them if I don't put them on the right places. As much as possible, I don't like my room to get too messy. I don't want to end up just like those hoarders on TV.

I'm glad my SIL and bro got used to my house regulations! :D

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