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Friday, August 13, 2010

Money Earned, Money Spent

The money you earned from work basically just passes by that quick. Most of the money goes directly to bills you have to pay, to some, they have to pay for the debts they owe to some other people or they have to pay for their credit cards. Good thing for me, I don't have both. I make sure I don't borrow money as much as possible especially if there's percent interest on it. I'm also really not interested on credit cards. In fact, I even save some of the money I earned.

I have a pension plan that I pay monthly as well. Thank God I have a Mom who doesn't stop telling me about saving for my future. She also wanted me to get a separate health insurance plan like that of bcbsnc which has good health benefits for qualified applicants. I already told my Mom that my company has freebies like that. So I won't have to spend for the health insurance.

All in all, with the money that's left, I only have enough for me to go out sometime. I seldom buy something for myself. Only if I have extra bonuses or if I render over times at work. Sigh. I guess I have to consider applying for work overseas just so I would have plenty of money. Well, that will need a lot of thinking and planning. :D

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