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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tired of Pointless Rantings

Back fighters, negative thinkers, ranters - they're just everywhere, aren't they? They are these people who seem to not have peace of mind. People who doesn't give chance to see the good in others. Instead of contemplating and confronting the person whom they misunderstood or had disagreement with, they would turn to others who really didn't know what really happened. Tell them their side of the story and brainwash them. Those people end up scornful towards that other person.

I feel sorry for those who were brainwashed. Even more sorry for the brain washer.

This is about work, actually. I'm just getting tired of someone's pointless rants and whining which seemed never ending. I want a positive atmosphere at work, however, there's this person who can't stop ranting about our boss. That person just don't get tired of raising issues which are already getting old and irrational. What a pity!

I have told this person that I disagree with her and I think she realized that I'm not on her side, so she turns to my other colleagues. Sigh.

I just want peace, don't you get that? You're getting into my nerves! Why don't you just do your darned job and make our work atmosphere harmonious?

Back off you manipulative, pointless ranter!!

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