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Monday, September 20, 2010

Can't Keep In Touch With Mom

I haven't talked to my Mom lately. It's so hard to get in touch with her because she doesn't have a phone. Even if she has a phone, she don't know how to use it. So she end up giving the phones to my brothers. My brothers have their own lives now and it's much harder for me to keep in touch with my Mom.

I wonder how she is now. I bet she's busy with her coffee business. I hope she's not getting sick although she's got age spots. She's not getting any younger but I'm hoping she's healthy. It makes me guilty sometimes that I'm not the one taking care of her. It's just not easy to get a good paying job in the province. I hope I can find a way so I can also take care of her.

I miss my Mom, that's all. :(

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