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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Friend Can't Work Out Yet...

I would love working out with a friend. I was encouraging my friend, Julie who's also a colleague, to go to the gym with me. She really wanted to because she's sick and tired of being teased about her weight. Old acquaintances of hers asks her if she's pregnant when they see her. And she gets really pissed whenever she gets comments like that. I wouldn't lie to her though. Since I'm her friend, I always tell that she really gained a lot of weight.

She's interested into working out but she and her husband have to park that. They have a lot of expenses to take care of, and they have their baby boy who goes to school now. First things have to be prioritized. She told me she's going to buy diet pills weight loss for now. She can't afford to go to the gym yet.

Come December, I hope we will be able to hit the gym together.

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