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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Finally Met Lainy's Prince! :D

It's been a long day today! I'm so tired and I'm getting ready to hit the sack but I just have to let you guys know that I really had fun today!

I met my dear cousin Lainy's "fiance", Kuya Scotty. I toured them at the Ayala malls, watched a movie with them, and did karaoke with them just a few hours ago. We had a lot of fun today! And I'm just so glad to learn that they're now engaged!

More photos will be posted tomorrow. I just don't have the energy to upload them yet. :D

Thanks Kuya Scotty and Lainy for the treat! I really had fun!


anne said...

wow congrats to them... when can i hear the wedding bell ring? hehehe

Lainy said...

Thanks for this post, Bang. This is my first official comment after almost a month of hiatus :-)