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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm All But A Nagging Sis And I Hate It! :(

I hate nagging! I've been doing it lately and it makes me kind of stressed out! I don't like to keep repeating myself! I didn't choose teaching as a profession because I don't have that much patience! I don't like telling people what to do because I don't like treating them like they're stupid!

I hate seeing people looking so lazy when they're not supposed to. Phew! I'm talking about my brother. I just had enough of him lately. I'm getting tired of hearing his wife telling him what to do. He's like a toy waiting to be maneuvered or something. He can't just do things his way. Someone has to tell him what to do and what not! He's just a year younger than me but he acts like he's still in college. He just wanted to sleep and watch TV! And when he sleeps he snores so loud! I kept telling him to do some exercise to remedy the disturbing snore but it just fell on deaf ears! What the hell happened to him? He's got a wife and a kid for Christ-sake! Geez! I don't know what to do with him anymore. I'm really running out of patience here.

I'm all but a nagging sister and I hate it! :(


MommaLira said...

He is in need of motivation, I guess.

Sina said...

I think family has took a very important role motivating its member.

bingkee said...

Sometimes we need to slow down because we can't do anything and ce can't control something. It;s enough that you have said something. All you need to do is to pray and leave it to God. Trust God because He hears you ...esp. coming from a loving and caring sister, not a nagging one.

ally said...


I've given him all the motivation he needs. Me and his wife nga are conniving na just to get him up his feet and try to decide for himself... still helping him out.. :D



You're right... :D



Hi ate bing! it's been a while! glad to hear from you! :D

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