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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainy Days and A Bad Flu... :(

It has been raining cats and dogs. As expected, with my weak immune system, I usually get sick during rainy seasons. I don't have a choice but to stay home all day and blog and watch my favorite TV shows. I hope I won't get so sick though.

My best friend Czarina is back here in Manila. I went to see her the other day at Robinson's Mall. We watched a movie, chatted for a while and went home afterward. I was really not in the mood because of my flu.

It's still raining hard outside. I envy the kids who get to enjoy playing in the rain. They seem to not care about getting sick. I wish I can be like them once again. Darn! I miss being a kid! :D

Rainy Season Scraps, glitter, and pictures


Mizé said... looks like kids are stronger and happier than most adults :)
Been away from dropping for a while but now that I´m enjoying 15 days vacations came back to check how my online buddies are doing.
Been with a nasty flu also, thanks to high temperatures outside and AC. Hope you beat your flu soon!
A good lemon & honey tea can kill some nasty bugs :)
Hugs xxx

ally said...


You said it right! Kids are happier that's why they're stronger! :D

I'm glad to hear from you again!

Thanks for wishing me well! Take care! :*