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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Mom And The Future...

The last time I talked to my Mom over the phone is when she asked me to sign up for a direct selling company called DXN. She wanted to go to Malaysia and wanted me to help her out in selling some products. I'm still half-hearted because I know I'm stubborn. I'm afraid to end up disappointing her. I would still love to make her happy though.

It's the same thing she did (insistent prodding) when she asked me to get a pension plan from my Aunt Rose. The pension plan is the same as what I've read from term life insurance quotes. Your beneficiary gets a sum of money if something happens to you. If I won't die, I get to enjoy the money that I've spent for the pension plan that I've signed for.

My Mom is always ready for future financial crisis. This is the kind of values that she wanted us so badly to inherit from her. During our phone conversation, she told me that she's going to buy herself her coffin so that if she dies, we won't have to worry about it. It's silly because she'd already planned in advance for her funeral.

I know it's funny and really silly. But that's how my Mom is! :D

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