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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Night Out After A Work Out! :D

I enrolled myself in a gym near my work place this week and started working out yesterday. My body is a little soar right now but it's all worth it! I'm glad I was able to burn some calories on my first day at the gym. I had fun! :D

After the gym, I slept at the office then later on met up with my best friend Czarina and an old buddy, Paul at Cowboy Grill in Malate. There were different bands that played last night. All of them are "show bands". They don't have a certain genre that they play.

But there was this band that caught my attention - the Kool Jacks Band which consists of 7 men. I think they're on their late 40's to 50's but they're really great performers! Most of us were laughing our butts off since they crack jokes while they perform. They're really funny!

The rest of our stay at Cowboy Grill was a whole lot of dancing with my best friend at the dance floor. We haven't done that for years. Ah! I really enjoyed our night out!

Here are some of the photos from last night!

Pretty Best Buddies For Life!:D

Ohhh lala Margarita! :D

With Paul!

Isn't it a whole lot of fun when good friends get together? Love you guys!

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